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Warmday UK: Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press

The highlights:

What is it?: A garlic press that presses the garlic flat against a hard surface, as opposed to squishing it through a small space like traditional garlic presses.

Cost: £9.99 on special offer (but states it is usually £19.98) plus £4.99 shipping.

Does it work? I guess, but it is hard work.

Would I buy it again? Nope. I might have if it was £5 or less, but a tenner for this is seriously overpriced, and I would never pay the full £20 for it!

Other options?: Yep - lots - an I will keep my eye out for a other impressive looking garlic presses: I am a big fan of things which make life easier. Where to buy: I got mine from Warmday UK, but if you google it, there's lots of online shops selling this or similar.

The Product:

So instead of the traditional garlic press, where you pop the garlic in a hole and squish it down, this one you pop the garlic on the worktop and push the press on top.


It is easy to clean, and fairly easy to use.


It takes a lot of pressure for this to work. I tried on a whole garlic, which failed miserably:

Then I sliced the garlic, which worked better, but I still had to put my whole body weight behind it to get it to work:

So yes, this does work ok, but it is not as impressive as I was hoping. The video on Facebook made it look like this was dead easy to use with minimal pressure, and this is simply not the case in practice. I have used other products for garlic crushing before I started this blog which were cheaper and easier to use. I shall see if I can remember where I ordered them from to review them in full!

The disappointment:

I bought this product because of a video on Facebook, but the product I received is not the same as that in the video. It is similar, but the one in the video was all metal and looked of a better quality than the one I ordered. Don't get me wrong, when I clicked on the link on the video, it took me to the website which pictured the exact same product I was sent, but this is a pet hate of mine: just advertise the product you are actually selling! I was in a rush and did not notice when clicking on the link from the video and being taken to their website that what I was buying looked slightly different to the one in the video. Maybe that's on me, but when I have googled this, I think this is bordering on an example of what trading standards describe as "bait and switch": where you show an awesome product - the bait - but then sell them something that isn't as good - the switch.

So, Warmday UK, if you are out there and listening, please do a new video showing the actual product you sell! Its not hard! If I can do a video, so can you.

I am not one to shy away from admitting my mistakes though: we learn more from the things we get wrong than the things we get right! So I will learn from this mistake, and in future pay extra attention to the product on the website I am ordering compared to the video that enticed me in!

With love, as always,



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