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Dog hair remover: review

The highlights:

What is it?: A metal scraper that pulls the dog hairs from other material that it is intertwined with

Cost: About £3 for one, but most places sell you 2 for about £5-6

Does it work? Yes - but only on certain materials - they need to be quite hardy or the little metal teeth will pull and damage the material

Would I buy it again? Yes

Other options?: Yes, but none that I have tried (granted I have only tried 3 other types of dog hair remover) have worked as well as this did! Where to buy: You can pick it up from Amazon but I have also seen it on ebay so you can search for it there too

So I share my home with my 11 year old rescue dog, Obi, and don't get me wrong, I love and adore him, but he leaves a mess behind him and his hairs get stuck into everything! They get into my socks that then get into the washing machine, which mean they get into all my clothes, and the little hairs then drop on the floor as the clothes are drying or deposited in the dryer, leaving little balls of hairs blowing across the place like tumbleweed.

I have tried various products that claim to remove, pick up, dissolve dog hairs. Some work, some don't! This little fella, however, works! really well! Look it:

The place that I have most noticed his hairs clinging like they are little cliff climbers who daren't let go, is in the car - the backs of my car seats are covered, and I mean covered, in dog hairs. Unfortunately, the metal teeth did not agree with the material my car seats are made of, so it didn't really work in the car! Unless I was just being a little heavy handed with it - maybe I was, but I didn't want to risk trying it out on too large an area of the car, just in case it ruined my seats! Well, ruined them more than Obi dog's hairs do already!

Also, and I am saddened to say this, it will probably not work on your clothes without running the risk of damaging them! I tried it on a pair of joggers and it ripped a piece of the material up so now there is a black string hanging off, which is likely to catch and pull. So although the adverts I have seen seem to suggest that you can use this on your favourite cashmere jumper, I wouldn't recommend it! I remain on the hunt for a really good dog hair remover for my clothes, and will post on this blog if I find one, or if I see one that looks good and ends up being rubbish too!

This little contraption worked perfectly on Obi's bed, and he seemed happy with his clean bed!

I don't have carpets in my house but I would imagine it to work pretty well on low shag pile carpets too! In fact, a friend of mine has one of these and said she uses hers on the carpet on her stairs.

Careful though, I think longer shag pile may run the risk of the triangular contraption pulling on the threads and pulling them out, but for a couple of quid you could always try it in a little corner, or on an offcut!

All in all I was super impressed by this for cleaning Obi's bed, it works on that really well, and for a couple of quid what more can you want!

with love



P.S. Please note that this blog may contain affiliate links (including those to Amazon). When you click on the link and purchase the product, I receive a small commission.

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