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Photo Shoot at Sea


I regularly view amazing products which are thrown at me via various portals. Social media, google analytics, cookies, alexa…all these things regularly take note of the things we are interested in and then bombard us with products relating to those things.  Issue is, no one could possibly buy all of those things and still be able to pay their mortgage! Consequently, my role is to try some of those things for you and to then give an honest and frank review of whether or not this amazing new product actually works. Hopefully I can spend my money to help you save yours!  

Now, in the interests of transparency, it is my long term intention to make money form this blog. In fact, I think very few bloggers do it just for the love of it! That said, blogs make money as a result of the amount of followers they have and I genuinely believe that if I am not 100% honest then the followers drop off, so the chances of making money reduce. So yes, there may be pay per clicks for things you encounter on here, but if there are believe me this has not compromised my review in any way. If you click on the link, and I get 5p, but then you use the product and think its pants, then I lose your future clicks, which would be a very backward way of blogging!

So, if you see something that you would love to buy but sense it might be too good to be true, let me know, and I will see if I can buy it, try it, and write about it.

Until I hear from you, with love



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