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Review: Silicone no heat hair curlers

The highlights:

What is it?: a silicone cone that pops inside itself to trap your hair in a curl without needing to use heat

Cost: £2.80 for 10 rollers

Does it work? Yes, but definitely needs styling when the rollers come out

Would I buy it again? Yes

Other options?: Tonnes of other no heat curl options out there, but I haven’t seen these before Where to buy: I got these off an eBay shop, but there’s loads of places selling these if you google it.

The likes:

These are super easy to use to the point where you don’t really need an amazing mirror....I used a little desktop one to just check that I had picked up all the hair.

My hair stuck to the silicone rollers quite well. Other rollers I have tried are a nightmare to get the curl started as my hair falls off the curler, but because these are silicone they have a bit of a rubbery-silicone-stickiness going on.

Also, once they are curled up, you simply push the bottom of the curler over and it flips on top to trap the hair beneath it, so no need for clips or hair pins.

The instructions say to use these on dry hair and to leave these in for up to 30 minutes, but my hair does not style well, so I left them in for an hour.

Taking them out is easy too. Just unpop them and let them roll out.

The dislikes:

The rollers come in two sizes only: small and large, and you only get 10 in a pack in total, so you’ll need a few packs to do all your hair.

The curls don’t look great if you take the rollers out and plan to leave your hair down:

However, they work really well and look pretty for use with an up do:

I also gave this a go by leaving them in overnight. As they are made of silicone, they are not too uncomfortable to sleep in, and I popped a shower cap on top to keep them in place as best I could. Sleeping in them did make the curls last for longer but by the time I woke up some of the curlers had dropped to halfway down my hair so the curl was only at the bottom half of my hair. Again, fine for an up do, but not for taking them out and having bouncy curls all day.

All in all, if you prefer no heat curling for up do‘s and don’t mind using hairspray to keep the curl for longer, these are a pretty good buy.

With love



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