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Double Magic Elastic Hairpin Stretch Womens Comb: review

The highlights:

What is it?: Some beads that are on elastic attaching two hair combs to each other in a pretty pattern that you pull over your hair to tie it up.

Cost: £4.57

Does it work? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes, for sure.

Other options?: There are lots of different styles available on the market, but the idea is the same Where to buy: I got mine from an eBay shop, but there are tonnes of other suppliers to check out too.

The hair clip looks like this:

To use it you push the comb in one side of your hair while you hold it up in a bun or pony tail, then pull the elastic part with the beads over the bun or pony tail, and push the comb in the other side. You don't need a mirror and can do it in seconds.

Honestly I love this little hair clip thing! It is a little too big for my hair length which is just below shoulder length, and I have medium thickness hair (the comb is 12cm and I think 8 cm would have been a better fit for my hair), which is why bits of my hair stick out of it, but it so so easy to use and looks so much prettier than tying your hair up!

I also love that you can lie down with this in without it hurting the back of your head, unlike when you have a bobble in and it stabs your head as you lie down. I would definitely buy this again, although I think I will keep my eye out for a shorter one.

The picture below, for example, shows how the longer hair clip means that my hair doesn't fill it out completely so you can see the hair clip beneath...I reckon with a slightly shorter one that would no longer be an issue.

There are a few different styles you can play with, depending on how long your hair is and I think I could have had more of a play around if the hair clip had been a wee bit shorter.

Overall, I reckon that for less than a fiver, this is definitely worth having in your hair styling drawer.

With love



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