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Nanna’s Secret Natural Cleaning Clay: product review

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The highlights:

What is it?: An all natural cleaning clay

Cost: £9.99

Does it work? Yes, but in a rather unexpected way

Would I buy it again? Yes

Other options?: I don’t recall seeing other cleaning clays, but chances are there are other brands on the market. Where to buy: I got it from Must Have UK Ideas

The cleaning clay is a hard white clay within the tub and you have to wet the sponge to rub it out to use so that the clay becomes damp. as a result, this little tub should last for quite a while!

As a cleaner I was pretty disappointed by this product. I live in an area with very hard water, so limescale is an ongoing issue. I had to put in a lot of effort to clean the limescale off the tiles in the bathroom, and the cleaning clay didn’t work very well at all.

In addition, I used another cleaner (with harsher chemicals in it), on the limescale to compare, and all I had to do was leave that for 2 minutes and then wipe it away, and it removed all of the limescale super easily and super quick.

On a side note - if you are looking for a limescale remover that works and is absolutely amazing, check out my review of Kilrock Gel Limescale Remover - it is undoubtedly the best limescale remover I have ever tried, ever!

I also tried this on the oven door, and it did clean the build up on the door well but I had to put masses of effort into it.

In addition, after using this, it leaves a white film that sometimes I had to rinse off twice, which again created more work. Also, you can’t put the lid on the clay pot and put the clay away if there’s moisture on it, so you have to leave it out to dry off, which is annoying if you like to do your cleaning and then put everything away.

Despite these observations, however, where this product really shined (and the reason why I would buy it again) is the way in which it continued to protect the surface it had been used on for weeks after use. I tried it on the shower screen in a small circular area, and this is the shower screen some 6 weeks later...check this out!

As such, this is amazing to use at the end of your deep spring clean! Creating a protective barrier for weeks later, this makes later cleaning so much easier, and I am all about making life easier so that we have time to enjoy more important things like spending time with loved ones, walking the dog, reading a book, or just having free time to decide what to do with!

With love



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Ruth Shaw
Ruth Shaw
Jun 07, 2023

An excellent, rounded and visual review - thank you. It's helped me make up my mind on the product.


Kim Moore
Kim Moore
Jan 27, 2023

How is it on stainless steel? My hob is pretty scratched up.

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