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Kilrock Gel Limescale Remover Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The highlights:

What is it?: a limescale remover

Cost: It varies depending on where you go, but generally around £5

Does it work? Yes, yes and yes! The most amazing limescale remover I have ever used, ever!

Would I buy it again? Ab-so-lutley, without a doubt, in fact….I already did get some for my mum! In addition, I bought a whole host of their other products to test and review, so impressed was I by this one! So subscribe to the blog if you want to be updated on those reviews when they go live

Other options?: loads of products that claim to remove limescale, but none that I have ever tried have ever been this impressive Where to buy: On the high street I have seen it in Boyes, and The Range, but you can also get it online by doing a quick google, or check out Amazon

Also, if you are looking for a prety good hob cleaner, Kilrock do that too - check the review out here

Made in the UK, the bottle has a safety lid so the bambinos of your household can't get their hands on all those chemicals, and comes with a recommendation that you test is on small indiscreet area before using it.

It also advises that you only use it in small sections at a time (less than 5 square cm).

For uses, here is what the bottle says:

This little tub of thick gel comes with a brush attached to the lid, so you just open it, brush it on, take a step back, and watch it work.

And I mean literally, watch it work! I managed to hunt down a tap with masses of limescale buildup to give this a proper test, and this limescale is rock solid, like a barnacle on a whale! This limescale remover takes it on with no hesitation at all, in fact, you can even see the bubbles as the product eats away at the limescale…watch…

So the above video is speeded up, and the real time was across about 3 minutes, but even taking three minutes this stuff is pretty incredible!

You should also be aware that the little bubbles are a chemical reaction, and so release gas, which was a bit stinky and hits the back of your throat if you breathe in near it...I would very much recommend making sure the windows in the room are open, or trying to resist the urge to stand over it as it bubbles because it will make you cough!

You should also be aware that limescale can actually damage whatever surface it is attached to, so it is quite possible that once it is removed, it leaves pit marks on the surface itself.

All in all though, it is a truly amazing limescale remover! The most amazing limescale remover I have ever encountered in fact! Here is a quick before and after video of the limescale build up on this tap - I did apply this product about 10 times to get this difference, but I have loads of it left in the bottle because it is such a thick gloopy gel, and it was zero effort because you don't do anything once it is on there, other than maybe set a timer to come back in 3 minutes to rinse it away!

So, my advice if you live in a hard water area with limescale being the bane of your existence is to go out there and buy this product right now! I have also discovered that Kilrock do a whole host of other cleaning products, so I bought the lot to review! Subscribe by clicking on the link below if you want to be notified when those reviews go on this blog.

With love



P.S. Please note that this blog may contain affiliate links (including those to Amazon). When you click on the link and purchase the product, I receive a small commission.

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Ruth Shaw
Ruth Shaw
Jun 07, 2023

The problem is, of course, that for all its benefits, the product is HIGHLY toxic. The reason you feel it on the back of your throat's a warning that your body's alerrting you to its toxicity. I would be very wary of inhaling this into my lungs. I personally use Ecover limescale remover. It's wonderfully effective on all water stains except the barnacle type you've referred to.


Sadia Mushtaq
Sadia Mushtaq
Apr 16, 2022


I have just moved into my place and the sink in the kitchen has Tea/Coffee stains what is the best product to remove those?!

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