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Bag in a bag

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The highlights:

What is it?: Its a bag in a bag - reusable for shopping etc.

Cost: An absolute bargain at £1 a bag

Does it work? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes. In fact, I now own 3.

Other options?: Lots of bag in a bag options out there, but none that I have come across that are as good as this one! Where to buy: I got them from B&M and haven't seen this particular bag in a bag anywhere else, or any that have the same features that makes this one stand out.


Since plastic carrier bags became chargeable, there has been a boom in bags on the market that you can buy that come within their own bag to keep them nice and neat. There's tonnes of different types and manufacturers out there, but what I don't like about other bags I have seen is that once you take your reusable bag out of its container bag, you then have to put the container bag somewhere like your handbag or pocket. Worse still, when coming to put them away, I had to spend time folding a bag so that it would fit back into its container bag. Who on earth has time to spend folding away a bag to fit back in its bag!

NO MORE! This bag in a bag comes with a couple of little features. Aside from being cute as hell with these little animal faces on the bag (note there are plain options available, but these were too cute!):

There is a also tag that attaches to your belt, bag, handbag etc so that you don't have to go hunting for your bag in a bag inside of a bigger bag.

Then, and this is the true game changer, the bag stays attached to your bag:

No more hunting for the bag to put it away, or worse still, loosing it somewhere! This bag is always attached to its bag!

The only potential down side is that the bags can come out creased, but that doesn’t worry me at all, and once the bag has stuff in it, it soon stretches out.

So all in all I love this product! Everything I need it to be! And all for £1! Boom!

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With love



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