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Review of The Silky Way: 5 Sec Molecular Keratin Hair Treatment

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The highlights:

What is it?: A hair conditioning treatment; if you are interested in the products and science, click here

Cost: £19.99 on special offer, but usually £27.00

Does it work? Yes, for sure.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

Other options?: Yep - loads of conditioning hair treatments out there that make claims that they can magically transform your hair: some work better than others. Where to buy: I got it from here

The Product:

It is a small tub of white gunk. Similar to conditioner, it is slightly greasier to the touch, but not in a way that has a detrimental effect on your hair. It was more that I could feel it on my hands when washing it out of my hair, so was conscious that I would have to spend a bit more time rinsing after use. A bit like when you have had olive oil on your hands and are trying to wash it off.

It is super easy to use - wash your hair, towel dry it, apply liberally, wait 2-5 minutes (I went for the full 5 minutes) and then rinse.

It has a scent, but not one that is horrific, and it does not linger in your hair once rinsed out - you know what I mean...that post hair dye smell or fake tan smell that you can get and appears to hang around you for days after use - that doesn't happen here.

My hair was already quite soft and shiny, but I brushed my hair before doing this before and after video, and you can see that my hair before using The Silky Way does not run off the comb as easily.


AFTER: Here here is the difference on my hair after one use:

All in all I was impressed - it does what it says on the pot! I can do this now:

Prior to using this product, there is no way on this earth I could have done this without the comb getting stuck half way down, and knotting like a kid with chewing gum in their hair, leaving me no option but to shout for help to try to get it out! Not a great situation to be in when you live alone with a rescue dog (which is the position I will be in in a few months)!

Taking all of this into account, I would definitely invest my hard earned pennies in this again.

The future of this product:

The video I had encountered on social media gave the impression that your hair would go from straw to silk within one use, mainly because their advertisement appears as a before and after video. The Silky Way definitely improves the texture and feel of your hair, and it is absolutely softer and silkier after use, but I felt the difference was not as dramatic as their advertisement video would suggest.

I suspect that the video I have seen on social media may better reflect the effect after several uses. To test this theory, I intend to use it every week until I have ran out, so subscribe below and you can be kept in the loop on these updates too. If this is the case, then this product will be nothing short of amazing! I am excited to see, so watch this space!

For the second, third and fourth application update (and how impressed I have been having used this for 4 weeks now) click here

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With love

Rebecca xxx

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