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Simply Eco Soap Sock - sort of describes itself

The highlights:

What is it?: It is a crocheted sock that you pop your soap in, and then hang in your shower

Cost: £3.75 for this one - but there are more expensive, and cheaper options out there.

Does it work? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes. Definitely, but it is reusable, and I bought 2 so I can use one and wash one, so I may not have to.

Other options?: Yep - loads. Where to buy: I got it from here but there's probably loads of places that sell this sort of thing - a quick google and, yep, there are...

The product:

This is a crocheted little pocket with a hole in the top where you thread the hanging section through so that you can pop your soap in and hang it in the shower.

It means that you can use soap instead of shower gel, thereby reducing unnecessary plastic use. It also reduces wasted soap itself as it keeps it all nice and snug inside the pocket whilst allowing soapy suds to work their way out.

You have a whole host of soap options out there too - from the standard run of the mill high street options to the organic and handmade. I used a dove sop in mine because I think that is probably one of the largest soaps on the market, and it fits snuggly in the pocket.

The soap sock is made from cotton, so can be washed and reused between each soap.

The down sides:

I genuinely haven't come across one yet - you have to lather it up to use it, but that's true of any soap. It may be harder to use as the soap gets smaller, but I am purely guessing at this point because my soap is still going strong. I will do an update if, during my soap sock journey, I discover a down side...promise.

With love

Rebecca xxx

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