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Naked Sprout - Sustainable Toilet Roll Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Bamboo for your bum - who'd have thunk it!

The highlights:

Cost: It is a lot more expensive than the supermarket options for toilet rolls, but it does get cheaper the larger the order you make, and you can order 24 rolls for £23.50, 48 rolls for £39.99, and 96 rolls for £75.99.

Does it work? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Other options?: Yes there are. However, whilst other companies are creating more environmentally friendly toilet rolls, Naked Sprout do a sample box for £2.99 that includes 2 toilet rolls and shipping, so it won't break the bank to give it a go.

Why should I care?

This year I have started to look into more sustainable alternatives for the products that we use regularly. In the cases where they are not sustainable, then at least those which have a less negative impact on the environment. In my quest for hunting down these unknown gems that help me feel like a better person, I came across Naked Sprout.

A UK based company, Naked Sprout offer a toilet roll alternative to the standard high street options that are cutting down trees and polluting our rivers and skies in the name of making our lives more luxurious. I had no idea of the number of chemicals that are used on toilet rolls to make them white and soft! According to Naked Sprout's website, the chemicals include a massive list of scary sounding things. The full list can be viewed here and it includes a host of chemicals I don't even understand, but amongst them is bleach - if someone told you to pour bleach on your skin you definitely would not do it, so why would you use toilet paper that has been into contact with it?

All of these chemicals poison the waterways, damage the environment and are bad for our health, according to the UK based company. So I looked into it myself...

It transpires that the production and disposal of toilet roll does have a significant detrimental impact on our environment. According to an Ethical Consumer report in 2019 the negative impact of toilet roll is far reaching. Their report can be accessed at here check it out - it is a bit terrifying!

So Naked Sprout do not use chemicals, and make their toilet paper out of bamboo. What's more, every box you buy, according to their website, gives safe water to a child at school in Kenya for a year via a charity called "Just a Drop".

The product

It arrives in a cardboard box - so no plastic wrapping at all, which I love. The cardboard is recycled and can be recycled itself.

One side of it is quite rough but the other side is as soft as the standard high street brands I have historically used. Not being white feels a bit strange but after one toilet roll, seeing a white one there instead feels strange now!

I am sold, and converted. I will be purchasing this toilet roll moving forward. That said, if my income drops I may not be able to afford this anymore. Whilst I have the money I will be purchasing it, as increased sale results in lowered costs to the consumer. Although I am on a mission to improve my personal carbon footprint, I totally understand the expense of these toilet rolls may mean that I won't be able to continue using them in the future. Until then, I will do my bit.

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