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Bird & Wild - The superhero coffee that’s saving the world

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The highlights:

What is it?: Coffee that has at its heart a need to contribute to the locations in which it grows the coffee to protect birds, mammals, insects, plants, and the wider environment, as well as provide fair price for the coffee growers.

Cost: £4.99 for 200g of seasonal blend ground coffee

Does it work? Yes. However, a better question on this maybe, is it any good? Again, the answer is yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes. Definitely.

Other options?: Not exactly like this, but there are lots of sustainable and socially responsible coffee options on the market. Where to buy: I got it from here

The product:

Well, it's coffee. It's nice coffee. With dark chocolate tones it was yummy. Truly yummy. You can even sign up to a subscription so you never miss a morning coffee.

So why is this coffee one to review? Well, the ethos of this company results in a whole host of incredible things, and you can review their information in full here, but in summary:

  1. 6% of sales is donated to RSPB.

  2. The coffee is Fairtrade, which means that the farmers who are producing the coffee are paid fair money for their hard work. This naturally makes the coffee slightly more expensive than other options, but only by about £1 - I can take a hit on £1 to make sure someone else in the world is being treated fairly.

  3. The coffee is Organic. Some coffee production uses pesticides, which have a detrimental impact on the environment. Organic coffee does not use pesticides.

  4. It is shade grown coffee, which means that they cultivate various plants to create the shade grown environment to produce this coffee. This in turn does the following:

    1. Helps to preserve tropical agroforests;

    2. Creates diverse plant species;

    3. Provides safe havens and rest spots for migrating and native birds;

    4. Increases insect diversity by providing them with amazing homes in which to thrive;

    5. Promotes mammal diversity by creating homes in which they can settle down and be safe and happy, without the risk of deforestation - this forest has been created to make the coffee, so it is not going anywhere;

    6. Increases and protects bee populations as they are attracted to the diverse plants used;

    7. The tree roots help to reduce soil erosion and to bind the soil together, making it more stable and reducing the risk of surface water run off, and by extension all the potential damage that comes with that;

    8. Helps to suck up the carbon in the surrounding area, thereby contributing generally to the environment.

WOW - that is truly coffee that gives back, and it is yummy. Plus, it means you start every day with a warm fuzzy feeling that you are proactively contributing to making the world a better place, and what better joojoo to start your day on than that!

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