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Zoration Realistic Dog Review - Pomsky White Teddy

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The highlights:

What is it?: It is a tiny fluffy dog that purports to act like a real dog

Cost: $29.96 plus shipping.

Does it work? No. This is the biggest load of rubbish and misrepresentation in advertising that I have experienced on the internet so far.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely not. No way on this earth. In fact, I have requested a refund.

Other options?: Dunno - it was such a let down I didn't even bother looking. Where to buy: I got it from here and am sharing this with you so that you can avoid this site like the plague

The product:

The cutest little face ever! Shame that is the only thing about this dog worth being positive about!

This is advertised as having human body sensors which follow instruction, 20 types of actions, tail wagging function, simulation comfortable hair, and imitation dog barking. The video shows teenytiny dogs following you as you walk around. Literally chasing you as you run with the human body sensor follow function in full throttle. It comes across on the website as a perfect example of a pet for a child who is desperate for a dog, but who is not allowed one in fear of being unable to live up to the responsibility that comes with this.

Normally in giving a review I go into details, pros, cons, ups, downs. In this instance, I feel that this is simply not necessary because this...THIS is what I got...

If Zoration are willing to misrepresent products in this way, then I urge you to never ever buy from them. I will update whether or not they give me my money back guarantee promise, or if they will ignore me for all eternity in a cyber blackhole.

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With love



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