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The Last Cable: Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

The highlights:

What is it?: It is a charger that comes with 3 different attachments so that the same cable can be used for multiple appliances

Cost: £22.99 (but I used a discount code to get £2.29 knocked off)

Does it work? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes. although the idea is you don't have to because, you know, this is "the last cable" you will ever need to buy!

Other options?: I have seen other products similar to this one on websites like Amazon or Ebay, and generally with a google, but I have not reviewed those, so would not want to comment on how good they are Where to buy: I got mine off the back of a facebook advert, but I bought it from The Last Cable Website

So when it arrives, it comes in a little plastic resealable bag for storage, which ripped down the side when I opened it! Go figure!

One side of the wire is the magnet which attaches to the different heads for the different electronics you may have.

The other side is the USB head which goes into your USB ports in the plug and computers.

There are three head attachments which come with the last cable as standard, and they fit most of the electronics I tested them on. The few it didn't fit I wasn't going to grumble too much about considering this may well remove the need for me to have multiple cable in little baggies in a box under the stairs!

For copyright reasons, I cannot copy and past the list of electronics that the heads fit, but if you go the The Last Cable Website you will be able to see their list. I used this mainly on my ipad and iphone, and some other electronics that were lying around, like the dog's nail grinder and my head torch I use for dark night walks with the dog.

Also you can buy just the replacement heads if you need to! On the downside, the heads, once in the appliance, are a little difficult to pull out, and if you have no nails you may struggle a tad!

The magnets themselves are super strong, and jump across the table to the wire.

The wire itself can bend:

and twist:

so as to prevent the wires fraying at the connector section, which is pretty cool, as from what I understand it is those little frayed wires that increase the fire risk!

BUT the best thing about The Last Cable is that when I compared it to my apple charger, it was actually faster! I have to admit, I was expecting it to be slower, and a sort of second best back up, but charging my phone from absolutely dead for 1 hour brought it back to life by 58%, compared to the 56% of my apple charger...and yes, 2% isn't masses, but if you consider a 2% improvement on every time you charge your phone or ipad, or other general often used electronics, across the year that 2% will add up to saved pennies and a better environment in the long run!

So all in all, I was pretty impressed by this little gadget, and would definitely recommend you go forth and buy it!

With love



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