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Review: do detox foot pads really work?

The highlights:

What is it?: What I can only describe as a tea bag that you stick to your foot which contains herbal remedies that are designed to drag toxins out of your body as you sleep with them attached to the bottom of your foot.

Why did I buy this?: This claims to fix all sorts of issues from headaches and weight loss to insomnia and fatigue.

Cost: £7.99 for 28 pads

Does it work? I don’t think so.

Would I buy it again? No I wouldn’t bother wasting my money again.

Other options?: Loads of similar treatments are available to buy online or have as treatments at salons. However, the only reviews I can find endorsing these types of products are those that get a cut of the profits if you click on the link to buy it. Where to buy: I got it from an ebay shop, but a quick google will provide you with a multitude of options.

They are a bit like teabags with black powder inside that you place on the bottom of your foot and then use a big sticker to put on top to keep them in place. When you wake up you have to peel it off, and the stickiness stays on your feet and needs a bit of a scrub to get it off, so if you are an evening shower person you will have to make time to clean your feet on a morning.

You also wake up with black gunk on the bottom of your foot, which is supposed to be evidence of the toxins coming out of your body, but I suspect is more a mix of sweat (caused by the bag being trapped against the foot) and the black powder in the bag which is made of a permeable substance, so is a bit like a weird method of osmosis.

Detox footpads claim to rectify insomnia, but I awoke in the middle of the night with a cracking headache whilst using these and could not for the life of me get back to sleep. I was awake from 3am until 6am when my alarm went off to get up for work, so I would say these pads do nothing at all to assist with insomnia, nor in the pursuance of relieving headaches.

Claims related to weight loss are also unfounded based on my experience. I used the whole pack every night until they were all gone, and my weight didn't change at all! Nope! Not impressed!

Across the board I was disappointed: another gimmick that fails to live up to its claims I'm afraid...don't bother wasting your money, and now I have you won't have to!

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