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Organic cotton reusable tea bags

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

The highlights:

What is it?: A little tea bag made of a super thin cotton to allow movement of the water through the bag and tea within it and a pull string on the top to secure the bag.

Cost: £1.65 for a pack of 3

Does it work? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes, but there are also those little metal strainers or the teapots that come with the strainer inside.

Other options?: I haven't seen any sewn tea bags elsewhere yet, but imagine there's a few on the market. Where to buy: I got them from here

The tea bag itself is pretty self explanatory:

Open the tea bag up, pop your loose tea in, pull the string, and you’ve got yourself a reusable tea bag.

When you’re done, empty the used tea out into your compost pile, and dump the tea bag into the washing up bowl.

The tea will dye the bag the colour of your tea, so mine went green with the spearmint tea I had bought, but I don’t suppose I mind green bags too much! Especially considering how much plastics are in tea bags and being dumped back into landfill, and how using this type of tea bag is more environmentally friendly.

Some tea bags are now advertising that they don’t use plastics in their tea bags, but if your favourite tea maker isn’t in that small pool, and the level of plastic in tea bags is something that concerns you, then definitely think about this as an alternative.

You could also get a diffuser teapot, but they are more expensive, and harder to clean, so if you want to trial it without paying out a fortune from the beginning, the reusable tea bags are an option available to you. Especially at the bargain price of 55p per bag!

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