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Maisiemaze Bubble foam spray review: does this really work?

The highlights:

What is it?: it is a spray cleaner that, according to the advert, is capable of cleaning through build up of dirt on the underneath of a used pan by a simple spray and rinse. So, by extension, should be able to clean through all tough stains!

Cost: $13.97 plus $5.99 shipping

Does it work? No, not at all, not even in the slightest.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely not!

Other options?: loads of cleaning products and each time I trial another new one I am more often let down than not. However, I will keep going because that’s the whole point of this blog! Where to buy: I got this from here on the basis of an advert I saw on Facebook.

The product:

Here is the Facebook advert:

Here is what turned up:

I don’t think I need to elaborate anymore on these videos...they definitely speak for themselves!

Avoid this product! And the worst part is that this company now send me regular e-mails trying to get me to buy something else! I am pretty sure what they sent me is the same stuff you get in bubble wands as a kid! It certainly smells like the same liquid! If only I’d know I could have got it for 99p from the corner shop!

With love



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