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Kerry's Scrubbies - biodegradable cleaning pads

The highlights:

What is it?: A replacement for the plastic sponge.

Cost: £6 for a pack of two.

Does it work? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Other options?: Not that I have seen yet, but please let me know if you come across any. Where to buy: I got them from here but it looks like Kerry has her own ebay shop too with free delivery. There is also a facebook page. There are also a few other places that stock them, so you can also google it.

The product


So I really like this. It is longer than most sponges or other cleaning pads available on the market, and can be bent in half to go around pan lids etc. as it is more like a thick cloth in texture than a traditional scrubber.

It is biodegradable, so once you are done with it it will not harm the environment, or you could chuck it in your compost heap! 100% plant based and vegan, they are described as even the inks having been tested for harmful substances!

The Scrubbies have a bamboo lining which is described as being naturally antibacterial, so that's a bonus, and will alleviate any fears of nasty bugs breeding within it. Plus, they are machine washable, so watch this space to see how they fare after a wash. If washable and totally reusable without any issues, I will be super impressed! They are advertised as being reusable for 3-12 months, which is pretty impressive, and will replace multiple plastic sponges in this household across a year. Plus, if one lasts 12 months, then this will also save pennies in the long run - cost per use is an important calculation.

It also works well on cleaning the kitchen surfaces. One side of it is made of interwoven bamboo threads, which creates an rougher surface for scrubbing, and the other side is a softer material, so can be used like a cloth. I have not yet tried them on cleaning the bathroom, but when I do I will provide an update here.

Even my dad said “This is alright this, isn’t it?” High praise, I can tell you!

They also come in over 80 designs, so you are bound to find ones that can match your kitchen or bathroom.


The issue was in cleaning cups, and maybe it is just that when brand new it is not very pliable, but the middle of the base of the cups I just could not get to so I had to use the sponge on those. These cups are fairly narrow though, and the wider cups did not present a problem.

The future of this product

I will continue to use Scrubbies in the future (or Scrubby if only one?) and have a sponge on standby for the occasional times that I can't reach somewhere. That said, I have also now googled environmentally friendly sponges, so watch this space as I hunt down some to buy and review. Either way, I believe in the idea that every little action can help make a difference. Even if I end up using a few sponges a year for those odd moments I need them, but use a more environmentally friendly option the rest of the time, then I will be actively contributing to a better world.

In addition, and in the interests of transparency to you my readers, I need to make you aware of my personal bias that I believe in supporting local, independent or small businesses as much as I can. Kerry's Scrubbies is a UK based business, that appears to be one woman working out of her house, so this has inevitably had an impact on my review. However, mostly I was impressed because I believe in supporting businesses that are taking innovative ideas and pushing new boundaries, which is what this business is doing: bravo Kerry's Scrubbies!

With love

Rebecca xxx

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