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Green Face Mask Stick: does this really work?

The highlights:

What is it?: A green stick which is solid but you basically draw on your face with it to create a face mask

Cost: $16.97 plus $5.99 shipping

Does it work? Sort of

Would I buy it again? Probably not

Other options?: lots of face masks are on the market, each claiming to do one thing or another Where to buy: I got it from an online store off the back of a facebook advert, but it looks as though they don't sell it anymore - if you do want to give it a go, google it and see if you can find it elsewhere.

So, the mask stick goes on smoothly enough, although the stick itself is so wide (about half an inch) that trying to get into small gaps such as between your nose and cheek, was quite difficult.

Once the green stick face mask is on, it goes a light green colour as it starts to dry.

The adverts I had seen on facebook which enticed me to buy this product give the impression that lots of black dots appear on your face due to the mask having pulled the impurities out of your skin.

Here's the cotton wool pad after I had wiped the green stick face mask black dots at all!

So, the green stick face mask does pull some stuff out of your skin. As you wipe it off, it did leave behind little white bits coming out of my pores, which I can only imagine were tiny whiteheads being dragged out. However, overall, it left my skin feeling very dry so I suspect it works by drying the skin out which results in the whiteheads coming out.

It certainly did not create masses of black dots, and nor did it make my skin go from having visible pores in places to being a completely flawless porcelain look, which is what the advert suggests. Again, annoyingly the advert is over exaggerating what this product can do. Although, at least this product does do something like what it is supposed to, even if it is not as dramatic as the advert suggests.

Further, when I used this a second time, it did very little. All in all, I would say this is a poor substitute for a solid cleanse, tone, moisturise routine.

With love



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