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BondiBoost Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

The highlights:

What is it?: This is a shampoo and conditioner which claims to "to promote hair growth and help reduce hair loss"

Cost: £33.50 for both the shampoo and conditioner bundle plus shipping

Does it work? I don't think so.

Would I buy it again? Nope.

Other options?: Yep - lots of products out there claim to achieve hair growth and reduce hair loss. I haven't tried any of them, and to be honest, won't bother after this experience. Where to buy: I got these online from BondiBoost

The product:

It looks very flash in slick bottles, and it smells amazing - like a eucalyptusy minty heaven. It definitely wakes you up in the morning (conversely, I would not recommend using this just before bed time). It is administered using a pumping system, and it does successfully clean and condition my hair.

The experiment:

I measured my hair by drawing on a white t-shirt the hair start point...I then measured it 4 weeks later to see my normal hair growth...I then started to use this product and measured my hair another 4 weeks later.

Then I thought maybe 4 weeks was not long enough, so I have continued to use this and measured my hair again on15 April.

My normal hair growth revealed a 2mm increase.

My hair growth after using this product revealed (at best) 3mm hair growth.

My hair also feels and looks no thicker than before.

Even after prolonged use, I cannot confidently assert that this product does what it claims to do.

The Verdict:

I just don't think this product really works, and I am absolutely not comfortable with spending this much money on a product that does not work to the value of £33. Sorry BondiBoost, I will not be buying this again.

With love



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