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Aloe Vera Colour Changing Lipstick Lip Balm

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Yeah so this is pretty cool!

The highlights:

What is it?: A green aloe vera lipstick lip balm that once on your lips changes colour into various shades of pink

Cost: Varies massively depending on where you go to buy it, but I got it for £3.45 plus free shipping from an ebay seller, and you can access that shop here

Does it work? Yes. For sure!

Would I buy it again? No, but only because I don't wear pink lipsticks, so the colour isn't to my liking, but if it was I would definitely buy this again.

The product

This is super cool stuff! It comes and it is a freaky looking green colour and, am not going to lie, I was genuinely massively sceptical on this one! But, put it on and within seconds it does change colour....

It does leave a pink stain on tissue when you first put it on (which contradicted some of the adverts I had seen showing that this didn't happen) but not to the same degree as normal lip glosses or balms. Once it has been on for a while, it turns into a stain more than a gloss, so it does not budge at all - and at that stage it hardly marks white tissues at all!

It feels pretty moisturising and does not appear to fade away too quickly - I put is on 3 hours ago, and have had lunch and drinks since then, and it still seems ok - am impressed.

The Down Side:

Once it gets to the stage where it no longer marks the tissue, it also at that stage no longer feels like a gloss. That said, it didn’t dry my lips out, so this isn't the end of the world.

Also, you can't pick the colour it is going to be and bright pink isn't really my style, but if you like pink then this is worth a try for you for sure.

I am not sure if it changes into different shades of pink. I have seen adverts for this type of product which seem to indicate that it reacts to your body temperature, and that determines the shade, but I haven't been able to test this to the point of knowing one way or another...the colour always looked pretty much the same to me!

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