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That is so cool, but does it work? Product Reviews

Welcome to That is so cool, but does it work? Designed to help you decide whether something that seems pretty cool is worth the money. Join me on my journey, and I will lead you to new and exciting things worth investing n.


Fear not, this is not a Mission Statement in the vein of Jerry Maguire as he departs with flamboyance on his stable career into the domain of the unknown. I still have a day job. However, the reason why I have started this blog is as follows:

I am constantly seeing amazing new products on social media and via adverts on the internet. I am often amazed by what they claim to do, but dubious about whether they can achieve their stated aim, and further made uncertain by the videos of seeing the product working which make me think there is no way on earth it does that! What's more, I have no intention of spending that much money on a product if it turns out to be rubbish! Or at least that's how it used to be...

Every time I see a new product and think, "Wow that is so cool, but does it work?" I am going to order it and test it. The review of whether it works, and whether I would buy it again (because let's face it, that's the best indicator of whether a product is worth it) will appear intermittently on these pages.

Also, and in the interests of transparency, it is my long term intention to make some money doing this blogging malarkey BUT I acknowledge I can only do that if my reviews are honest and not at all biased by clicks per view or other means of making cash as a blogger. My promise to you is one of integrity - I will never give a positive review of a product just to make money, to do so would be short sighted and counter productive.

Thus, it is my heart felt intention that this blog will be a true and accurate reflection of whether something works or not. Additionally, if you, dear reader, see something in your internet world that you would love to try but don't want to risk wasting money on, let me know - click on the contact me button - comment on a post - tag me on Facebook: whatever works best for you. Then subscribe so that you get notified of new reviews and blog posts to make sure you don't miss your request.  

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